Why Should You Grow Annual Bedding Plants?

Why Should You Grow Annual Bedding Plants?

Posted by Amber Williams on 24th Apr 2024

colourful bedding plants

Bedding plants, also known as annuals, are the easiest plants to grow – whatever the season.

Whether you’re after instant gratifying displays or an abundant border, bedding plants are some of our favourite plants to grow en masse.

What are Annual Bedding Plants

Annual plants, also known as bedding, can be some of your most impactful plants in the seasonal garden. Their goal is always to add almost instant colour to your displays, which is just one of their benefits.

As annual plants last just one year, hence their name, they allow for some experimentation. Although your perennials will appear year after year, you can switch up your planting theme each season to create a new display!

There are also bedding plants for every season. Which brings us to...

Seasonal Annual Bedding Plants

Some of our favourite annual plants flower in summer, and some in winter. Thankfully, there will always be a bedding plant, whatever the season!

Summer Annuals

Flowering from late spring, these beauties could last up to early autumn. Perfect for filling gaps in a border or a well-placed container (or two).

- Marigolds
- Begonias
- Cosmos
- Sweet Peas

Winter/Spring Annuals

Many might think that annuals are too delicate to flower in winter. Luckily, there are plenty of annual plants that flower in the cold winter months, helping you keep some colour in your displays where it’s needed most. Some of our favourites include:

- Pansies
- Cyclamen
- Violas

Where to Plant Annual Bedding Plants

marigolds and foliage in a raised bed

The beauty of bedding plants is that they can be planted pretty much anywhere. Even if you’re wanting to grow them in large groups. Most will like a sunny spot, regardless of their spot in the garden.

We recommend planting annual plants in borders, around your favourite perennials. Some could even act as a ground cover plant, helping suppress those pesky weeds. Lobelia is a great choice for this. Annuals can also be popped in a container, a basket, or a window box. Your creativity is the limit with annuals.

Some may be happy in a shaded spot. For example, Violas are perfect for under-planting for a winter and spring display. Summer annuals like Bizzie Lizzies and Begonia semperflorens are top picks for a shaded spot.