​How to Prune Shrubs

​How to Prune Shrubs

Posted by Amber Williams on 21st May 2024

Shrubs are easier than it may seem to prune and keep neat. What makes it more complicated is every shrub needs different treatment when it comes to pruning. That’s why we’ve given our top tips on how to prune shrubs, based on their flowering time or type.

Spring Shrub Pruning

Shrubs that flower from July to October can be pruned in spring, preparing them for the following summer.Last year’s growth can be pruned back to two or three buds, leaving a thick framework for new growth. This includes plants like Honeysuckle, Heather, and Star Jasmine. 

Summer Shrub Pruning

Shrubs that flower from November to June can be pruned immediately after flowering. To do this, prune back flowered stems as low as you can on an upright shoot. Remove one stem for every three to a height of 25-45cm.
This includes varieties like Lilac, Magnolia, and Berberis. 

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs, unlike deciduous shrubs, won’t lose their leaves in winter and also don’t need to store nutrients in their roots like deciduous plants do. It’s recommended to prune these kinds of shrubs after flowering, as pruning them before they do can damage the plant.

If you feel that an evergreen plant needs renovating, then doing so in late winter and early spring just before growth begins is best. To do this, deadhead spent flowers and remove damaged or old growth.