New In This Season

New In This Season

Posted by Amber Williams on 9th Jan 2024

Our spring range is here, and it's full of fan favourites, new and exciting products, and budget-friendly picks to help you grow a garden in abundance. These summer blooms and plants are truly unmissable, so explore what's new to plan for your summer displays! 

New In 

Stock up for summer has never been easier, thanks to our new in blooms! From dahlias to geraniums and even more online, there's no limit to what you can achieve in the season. Here's a quick taster of what you can expect to see online...


Image left to right: Dahlia Neo, Dahlia Olga's Light, Gladioli Alice, Geranium Double Ivy Leaf Mexica Nealit

Dahlia Neo 

Dahlia Neo is a decorative dahlia that really packs a punch in the summer garden. This large dahlia variety produces vivid blooms in shades of scarlet red and canary yellow. Perfect for the back of the border or even for cutting. 

Dahlia Olga's Light

Dahlia Olga's Light is an interesting dahlia that produces bi-coloured flowers like you've never seen before. They appear in striking red shades, with a bright white middle 

Gladioli Alice

A unique flower for a huge impact! Gladioli Alice is more compact than the average dahlia, which only makes it more perfect for cut flower displays. Produces striking fluffy flowers, each in varying shades of bright orange, burnt orange, and sunshine yellow. 

Geranium Double Ivy Leaf Mexica Nealit

Geranium Double Ivy Leaf Mexica Nealit is a striking and colourful rose-shaped bloom that flowers for months on end. Produces fluffy double flowers in bright shades of rose and baby pink.

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Top Offers

Image - Left: Rare Bidens Collection. Top Right: Dahlia Pink and White Mixed. Middle Left: Begonia Double Mixed. Bottom Left: Gladioli Gold Medal Mixed. 

Want to grow a striking display, but need to stick to a budget? May we introduce our mixtures and collections! They're perfect for growing a mass of flowers and plants, while holding true to an affordable price point. 

Dahlia Pink and White Mixed - A carefully selected collection of pink shaded varieties so that you can easily create a large colourful display.

Begonia Double Mixed - These exhibition sized Begonia mixture is essential for any summer display, especially if you're looking to fill containers and hanging baskets - thanks to their compact size. 
Gladioli Gold Medal Mixed - A super mixture of large flowering Gladioli, providing of selection of stand-out varieties, each loved for the brilliant colour.

Rare Bidens Collection - Provides a selection of vibrant colours to your summer garden, thanks to their carpet of single daisy-shaped blooms. 

Top Sellers

Wondering what our customers are loving so far this season? Here's a picks for you to get your hands on in summer.

Image: Top left: Cafe Au Lait. Top middle: Bacopa Topia Mix. Right: Gladioli Cream Perfection. Bottom left: Dicentra spectabilis Alba. Bottom middle: Echinacea magnus. 

Dahlia Cafe Au Lait

Dicentra spectabilis Alba

Gladioli Cream Perfection

Bacopa Topia Mix

Echinacea magnus

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