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Primula denticulata Blue

£6.00 per 10
£50.00 per 100
Please order in denominations of 5
Please order in denominations of 5
Order quantity must be in denominations of 5
Primula Denticulata Blue is a gorgeous variety that produces vivid blue/purple spherical pom-pom blooms. These wonderful flowers have blossoms of up to 5cm in diameter and stand atop sturdy green stems at a mature height of 30cm. A great choice for bringing pollinators such as bees into the garden, Primula deniculata 'Blue' will make a dramatic addition to the garden border or patio containers. This beautiful semi-evergreen perennial flowers from March through to June. 5cm modules supplied.
Plant in prepared soil, with a hole large enough to firmly hold the module.
Plant in half-shade
Plant in full sun
Spacing 20cm
Deadhead as necessary to prolong flowering.

Flowering Time (March - June)