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Hydrangea Red Riding Hood

£12.50 per 5
£22.00 per 10
£190.00 per 100
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Hydrangea Red Riding Hood is a striking variety of the popular deciduous hydrangea shrub, often planted as informal hedging to create a riotous display of colour in the garden between June and September. Their lush, dark green foliage and large individual globes of vivid red flower clusters appear in summer when other shrubs are coming to the end of their flowering period. Hydrangea shrubs are incredibly popular ornamental plants and flourish best when pruned on an annual basis as soon as the new leaf buds begin to appear. We recommend that Hydrangea Red Riding Hood is planted in full sun to partial shade to ensure optimum intensity of flower colour. Supplied as 9cm pot grown plants.
Plant in moisture retentive soil, along with a little peat/humus surrounding the roots firmly.
Plant in half-shade
Plant in full sun
Spacing 100cm
Spring, only when necessary

Flowering Time (June-September)