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News: How to Plant your Spring Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs are great for adding some colour and variety to your spring garden. We’ve compiled a great how-to planting guide, so you’re only difficulty will be choosing from our vast collection!

When to plant

Autumn, before the colder conditions set in, is the best time to plant the majority of your spring flowering bulbs. September through to October for Daffodils, Crocus and Hyacinth, whilst Tulips are best planted in November. All our bulbs are currently available for immediate dispatch with 28 day delivery, so order now to avoid disappointment.


Before planting your bulbs, it’s a great idea to plan ahead and prepare your soil. Remove any weeds and add plenty of organic matter or compost to encourage growth.

Grouping bulbs together can create a more impressive display, even in smaller gardens and choosing a warm, sunny site with good drainage can ensure their success. Plant your bulbs immediately on receipt for best results.

How to Plant

To work out the planting depths of your bulbs, roughly measure their height from base to tip and plant bulbs at double or triple this length below soil. When you’re planting the bulbs, make sure they are placed the right way up, with their shoot facing upwards. If you’re really unsure the best thing to do is plant the bulbs on their side.

Once you’ve planted your bulbs, replace the soil, smoothing any clumps and firming gently.


Keep an eye on pests around your garden. Squirrels tend to dig up bulbs and have a particular appetite for Tulips and Crocus. They usually target these bulbs shortly after planting and you can protect them by placing them a little deeper in the soil or deter their efforts with protection such as chicken wire. Just remember to remove this once shoots begin to appear!


If you’re contemplating which varieties to go for, some of our Spring flowering bulbs are currently on offer including the Connoisseur Daffodil mix and the Botanical Crocus collection both at half price, and our Tulip Kaufmanniana mix pictured above, better than half price at just 2.99!

For additional information, all of our products come with individual cultural instructions to assist your planting.

We have also been working hard with Jeff Turner to bring you great easy to follow How-to guides for all your planting needs. You can access these through our Videos tab to the top right of this page, or check out our YouTube channel.

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