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News: We're on Pintrest!

We are happy to announce that J. Parker’s are now on Pinterest.

Following our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts, we have set ourselves up on this comparatively new site to allow our customers to interact with us on another social platform.

Pinterest is a social media network designed simply around sharing exciting content. They state that their mission is to connect the world through things they find interesting. The unique thing about this site is that it allows you to visually share the topics that interest or impress you, and find content uploaded by similar minded people.

We love this idea because it’s another perfect platform for us to share our passion for gardening with our followers and customers. For that reason, J. Parker’s are now on Pinterest where you can follow us for advice, images and inspiration regarding our shared interest in gardening.

The site is organised and themed in a pinboard style, whereby you can ‘pin’ anything you like onto ‘boards’ to create a collage of relevant images. These boards can be centred around any theme you like, including gardening. You can re-pin content from anywhere or upload your own, as we always enjoy seeing any of our customer’s impressive garden displays!

We have enjoyed interacting with our followers on Facebook and Twitter, and look forward to another platform on which we can connect with you.

To check out our pinterest page, please Click Here.